This code saves you £140 on any Leesa or Sapira mattress in the Leesa New Year sale


Honestly, we're all tired. Christmas is exhausting, and then New Year celebrations kick in, and then we all need a lie down. 

This time of year really is precious. It's a much needed recharge. An opportunity to be healthy by eating better, drinking better, and sleeping. Seriously, how good is sleeping? It's like we stay up all December revelling in the end of another year and completely forget to crawl into bed and just, sleep. And now we've remembered how great it is and all we want to do is catch those beautiful z's.

If any of that is true then Leesa currently has a New Year offer that will be of interest. You can save a massive £140 on any Leesa or Sapira mattress in the New Year sale by using the code NEWYEAR at the checkout. This offer is valid until midnight on Jan. 8. Read more...

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