Queen rockstar unleashes badass space song about mysterious world of Ultima Thule


Queen rocker Brian May used to beg his parents to stay up late, so he could learn about the stars.

Now six decades later, the guitar legend turned astrophysicist has released an arena rock song composed for both the farthest away object humanity has ever visited — Ultima Thule — and the spacecraft sent to scour this distant world, NASA's New Horizons probe. 

"This mission is about human curiosity — the need for mankind to go out there and explore what makes the universe tick," May said Monday at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland, site of the New Horizons headquarters. 

"I hope you will enjoy it," added May, who released the song two minutes after midnight local time, during the first minutes of the 2019. "I hope it's worthy of this amazing cause."  Read more...

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