Nintendo SNES Games Could Be Coming to Switch Along With N64 and GameCube Console Remakes

Big news has just been uncovered by a few video game modders/dataminers. It seems that new files found on Nintendo Switch Online all point to the arrival of SNES games for the Nintendo Switch. Some of the game titles that appear to be on the way are Star Fox 2, Super Mario All-Stars, F-ZERO, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, and Kirby's Dream Land 3, to name but a few.

On top of the emulated SNES game files, Twitter user OatmealDomesystems stumbled on other files that either suggest two new physical "Classic" consoles, or new Switch Online emulated consoles. If Nintendo does go the physical console route, it will most likely be the earlier teased N64, followed by the Nintendo GameCube, or Nintendo Game Boy Advance if an emulation.

As of now, this is just speculation based off the strings of data found on Nintendo Switch Online. We'll be sure to update you once more info surfaces.

In other gaming news, Red Dead Redemption 2 Online adds a "Battle Royale" mode.

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