I started baking bread to spend less time on the internet. It backfired.


In October, I cracked.

I didn't tell anyone that I'd reached a breaking point in my relationship with screens, and I didn't try to use any of the many tools or tricks to cut back. Instead, I decided to pick up a new hobby, one that I foolishly thought would not involve the internet. After all, what could be more off-the-grid than learning the age-old art of baking bread?

I know, I know. Another tech-obsessed millennial ruining sourdough bread

I had the best intentions with my new hobby, but it was just easier to get started with an assist from the internet. I researched how to make my own starter  — the base of real sourdough bread — by turning to Google. After reading a dozen articles and watching some YouTube tutorials, I thought I had the basics down.  Read more...

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