Elon Musk Claims He's Not Joking About Tesla Hover Car

Channeling his inner Doctor Emmett Brown, Elon Musk recently claimed that he isn't joking about making the 2020 Tesla Roadster a hover car.

The eccentric CEO took to Twitter to respond to a tweet that playfully praised the developments of Tesla with a GIF of a flying DeLorean DMC-12. Noting "the new Roadster will actually do something like this," picking up claims he launched last year about adding a "SpaceX option package" to the upcoming Roadster. After responding to the initial playful tweet, Musk then went on to explain how the potential hover car would use SpaceX's "cold gas thruster system with ultra high-pressure air in a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel, in place of the 2 rear seats."

Stay tuned to find out if Elon Musk's plans to take cars below and above ground come to fruition.

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