BMW Designworks and The North Face Come Together for a Futuristic Camper

BMW's Designworks division teams up The North Face on a new lightweight concept camper. Made from The North Face's technical FUTURELIGHT material, the camper sees the material stretched out over TNF's famous geodesic dome, on a highly-mobile platform.

As a newly introduced breakthrough material The North Face has been developing over the years, FUTURELIGHT promises to be the most comfortable waterproof gear from the outwear company. In a press release from BMW, the automotive manufacture wrote "The revolutionary Nanospinning process used to create FUTURELIGHT™, has allowed the The North Face designers to add air permeability into the membrane of a fabric for the first time. The process creates nano-sized holes, allowing for incredible porosity while still maintaining total waterproofness, letting air move through the material and provide more venting than ever before."

Unfortunately, those attending this year's CES can only witness the FUTURELIGHT camper by invite only from January 7 - 11. While the camper may be off-limits to some, look for The North Face's FUTURELIGHT material to make its way onto its 2019 jackets, gloves and tents.

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