6 reasons I no longer subscribe to ‘New Year, New You’ BS


And now for "27 ways to feel bad about yourself while the last piece of Christmas pudding you've ‘indulged’ in is still making its way through your intestinal tract…"

As the new year dawns, you'll notice that without ANY space to breathe whatsoever, what was once a newsfeed saturated with sequins, pints and party platters becomes one bursting at the seams with resistance bands, Nutri Bullets and all manner of "New Year, New You" rhetoric.

If that works for you, great. If it doesn’t, keep on reading...

If you find all of this relentless (and, at times, negative) then join the club. I’ve decided I’m over it. I’ve clicked the "unsubscribe" button and it's incredibly liberating. Read more...

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