A dude dressed up as Buddy the Elf and challenged strangers to pillow fights


Happy holidays, Bostonians. A man dressed as Buddy the Elf is roaming your streets, challenging people to pillow fights.

The man, whose name is Brendan Edward, is a firefighter and a "handsome/funny dad," according to his Instagram. He also makes a pretty good elf. 

Most of the people Edward tried to pillow fight were excited about it. There was only one holdout: a guy who was working. (Please do not bother people who are working.)

If this man approached you on the street, would you pillow fight him? Personally, I would not — I am skeptical of any man who approaches me to ask anything — but I respect those who would. Pillow fights are extremely fun and they absolutely count as exercise —perhaps it's time for them to expand beyond the slumber party. Read more...

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