T-Mobile’s $300 trade-in deal for the OnePlus 6T ends November 8th

Here’s just a short PSA for people interested in buying the OnePlus 6T on T-Mobile: the carrier’s $300 trade-in promotion is ending tomorrow. There will no doubt be other trade offers down the line, but the one announced back at the phone’s keynote was particularly generous; T-Mobile will give you $300 for any previous OnePlus handset to put towards the 6T. There’s also a long list of other phones that are eligible for the $300 discount.

The $300 is applied over 24 months when you buy the OnePlus 6 with a monthly payment plan; you can’t get the $300 and then just pay the rest immediately to buy the 6T outright. The credits will begin two billing cycles after you take home the 6T.

Here’s the full list of phones T-Mobile will accept:

  • A...

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