Save $100 when you buy 2 Echo Spots at Amazon before Black Friday


This is not a drill: You can save $100 on Amazon when you buy two Echo Spots.

Smart devices are so great, right? You can control your lights, music, and TV with just the sound of your voice. But while they are becoming more ubiquitous every day, most smart devices are a bit impersonal. The Echo Spot is not like the others though: it's a smart device that has personality to fit every need. So much in fact, that we're giving these as gifts to everyone on our list this year — which is why we're so excited about this deal.

The Echo Spot can do everything you've come to expect from Amazon devices, like show you the news, give you weather updates, play your music, and control your other smart devices via Alexa. The best part through is that you can pick and choose your own interface and display from a wide range of options. Read more...

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